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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Pushing Daisies

    Pushing daisies is a TV show about a pie-maker named Ned who can wake up the dead with a single touch. But if the dead is brought back to life more than exactly one minute something of the similar life will die as if to keep balance. So before one minute he has to touch the revived person or thing again, because the second touch makes it dead again, permanently. Then Ned met a private investagator named Emerson Cod who accidentally discovers about Ned's gift and asks Ned to help him bring murder victims to life. One day Ned found out that Charlotte (Chuck), Ned's neighbor as a child died. But then Ned brought her back to life but they could never touch or Chuck would die. Mean while Olive, waitress at the Pie Hole doesn't know anything about Ned's gift. So Ned and Emerson Cod with the help of Chuck and Olive investigates murder cases in every exciting episodes.

    Unfortunately Pushing Daisies doesn't air in any channels in Asia, but you can still watch it on

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