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    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Immature? Maybe

    You Can Call Me Immature But It Won't Bother Me

    As you can see I sometimes act like a kid. Well my question is,
    why do people want to grow up so fast? I don't know if it's actually just me not wanting to grow up or other people acting too mature for their age. Well I think it's a little bit of both. I mean why would you want to be a grown up when you can be a kid? In other words why would you want to think about a bunch of problems if you can just play around and have fun? I know we can't act like a kid forever, we're all going to end up having responsibilities and stuff. But my point is we don't have to change too fast, we can make the process a little bit longer.

    People keep saying that it's time to grow up, I don't mind if everyone around me is a lot mature than I am. But what kind of bugs me is the fact that even elementary students are acting older than I am, but then again they're the ones losing the time of they're lives. Well, in the end I'm going to have to grow up anyway. But I'll just take my time...........

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