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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    I'm going to tell you about my best friend Amira Maryana or you might know her by the name Mary since I've made a few posts mentioning her name. I promised her that I would make this post.

    So we first met in 7th grade, I barely knew her at that time. For all I know is that her father was friends with my mom back in college. In 7th grade all I did was say "hi" every time I saw her pass by and she would greet me too. Then in 8th grade we were put in the same class. But even then we weren't actually playing together. Back then she would be with Nape and I would be with Alya. Until one day something brought us together, believe it or not that thing was The Jonas Brothers.

    Around September and October 2008 I started liking the Jonas Brothers and usually Mary would bring her magazines which has the Jonas Brothers in it and I usually would be borrowing her magazines in class. Then she started to like the Jonas Brothers too and that kind of brought us close but not that close. The second thing that really made us close was American Idol, especially David Archuleta. We'd listen to American Idol songs all the time. Then on April I moved to my grandma's house which was closer to Mary's. We really really really got close that time, we used to go home together and on Fridays we'd go to school together. And since then we were kind of inseparable, even our parents said so. And as the matter of fact in 9th grade we got in the same class again, teehee.

    I'm predicting we both are going to have great futures ahead of us with a little help of affirmation that we like to do. And this is how we'll look like in 50 years, still cute as always, wheeeeee!

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