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    Thursday, July 28, 2011


    Today I feel like writing, there's really not much to tell though. I guess I should start off with telling you recent facts about my life:
    1. I'm a senior now and this is going to be my sixth year in Labschool, time sure passes by.
    2. I have to write some what of an essay to graduate from high school, this made me very very anxious at first but now that I've actually started working on my essay it's not as scary as I thought it would be. I still hope that everything will go well though.
    3. I went to Australia again and to be honest it wasn't much fun without my sister but it was still a very nice vacation. Here are a few photos:
    4. I'm lately having doubts about my future, so confused whether I should follow my own dreams or be the person my parents expect me to be. They want me to be a doctor or major in economy but I want neither of those stuff. I want to study wildlife biology or maybe english literature, it probably won't make me a millionaire but at least I'd be happy doing the things I love. Then again I really don't want to let my parents down.
    5. I'm counting down to the 2nd part of Doctor Who Series 6 which will launch on August 27th.
    6. There will also be the 2nd series of Sherlock, oh how I love those british TV shows.
    7. I made a second twitter account, which I now think of as my first twitter account. But I won't be telling you my username since my purpose of making a second account is to tweet without feeling judged. It's not like I tweet about my feelings or anything like that, trust me I don't. I just like the idea of being able to write down my thoughts without worrying about what others might think. Maybe the reason I like to feel judged is because I myself like to judge other people's tweets, but now on my second account I only follow very few people and they're mostly celebrities so I don't get irritated by those tweets people I know in real life like to tweet. I also no longer have to feel obliged to follow those people nor feel guilty about unfollowing them.
    So those are a few things which have been happening in my life lately, TTFN!

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