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    Monday, April 4, 2011

    The Book Thief

    Okay, so I have been wanting to post this for almost a week. So here it goes, a few weeks a go I read The Book Thief which is currently number one on the list of New York Times Best-Sellers. And maybe you've heard me saying this about other books I've read but this book is by-far the best book I have ever read. And probably one day I'll say this again about another book, but for now I am mostly grateful that I have read The Book Thief.

    The story is about Liesel Meminger a girl who lived in Nazi-Germany during World War II. What I like about the story is that it didn't actually focus on the war, instead it just focused on Liesel and all the wonderful and also horrible things that happened to her during the period of 1939-1943........ I think.
    Well moving on, the point of this post is actually....... well there's not much point to it lol. I guess I just wanted to share my thoughts on the book and my reactions to the story which you may find pretty silly or maybe not.

    I finished the book at school where I had to try as hard as I could to hold back my tears so no one would ask what was wrong. And that my friend, clearly shows how heartbreaking the book is. You may think I'm exaggerating but I'm really not, the book is really that sad. Okay I know that writing about this may make me sound weird but that night after finishing the book I actually cried while repeating the scenes in my head. I just couldn't bare the thought of losing everyone I know and being the only one left to survive. Now I understand what the character, Death meant when he said that the survivors are the ones that he couldn't bare to look at the most. I was so attached to the book that I could feel what Liesel felt when she woke up to find that everyone she loved had died. I cried the hardest when I thought about the part where Liesel came to her Papa's dead body, he was the one she loved the most out of everyone else in life. Even writing about it right now makes me want to cry all over again. I know they're just fictional characters and I shouldn't be too emotional about it, but I just feel like they are all there right in front of me and I can't help but think that it's real. And again I know they're not real, what matters is that it feels real.

    There was also this quote which I really like, "Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you’ve finished just to stay near it." --Markus Zusak

    The next thing I'm about to say may be a bit off topic but I just wanted to say how good it feels to be writing. I've always loved writing but lately I haven't had the time to go online to write a post or just write on a piece of paper. It's probably because I don't make time which I should. I guess I could write on twitter but there's always this feeling of being judged. So I'd rather write here.

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