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    Tuesday, September 6, 2011


    Recently HBO Family has been playing Matilda quite a few times now. The movie just brings back so much memories and made me realize just how much I love Matilda. Matilda is my childhood hero, she taught me a lot of things. I even think the person I am today is very much inspired by her. Here are a few reasons why Matilda should also be your childhood hero:

    1. She is the bravest kid you will ever know

    Now answer this, did you ever walk a mile to go to a library all by yourself at the age of 3? I bet not, but Matilda did! What 3 year old goes to the library all by herself? A brave one I tell ya! If 3 year old Matilda can be so brave why can't we?

    Remember when Matilda went inside Ms. Trunchbull's house? That was the most nerve-racking scene from the entire movie. I wouldn't even go near that house! This also proves Matilda's bravery.

    2. She knows how to take care of herself from a very young age

    Matilda's parents are really bad at parenting, that's coming from a girl who doesn't even know a single thing about parenting. But I do know that you should never leave your children all alone at home, especially if they're still a toddler. But in the movie, being neglected is what made Matilda learn how to take care of herself. Not only that she knew how to put on her own clothes, she knew how to make pancakes! To quote the narrator "She learned how to take care of herself when she was about 4 - 6 the way thatpeople would take care of themselves in their early 30's."

    3. She is very intelligent

    I've always remembered the scene where Ms. Honey was teaching the class about multiplications. She was just saying that one day the student might be able to count big multiplications such as 13x397, then suddenly without even a pause Matilda answered "4927." By then she was only 6 and it was her first day of school! Ms. Honey even came by Matilda's house to inform her parents that with that knowledge Matilda could be in college in just a few years. But once again Matilda's parents didn't even care. They laughed at the thought of Matilda going to college.

    4. She's a great friend

    There was that funny scene when Lavender puts a newt in the jug of water meant for Ms. Trunchbull and "The Trunch" freaks out as she realizes the newt in her glass of water. Ms. Trunchbull then blames Matilda, even though Matilda knew it was Lavender who put it there she didn't tell, she just denied Ms. Trunchbull's accuses. When Lavender thanked Matilda for not telling, she just said that tha's what best friends do.

    Matilda was also the first one to cheer for Bruce Bogtrotter when he was having difficulty in finishing the giant chocolate cake given by Ms. Trunchbull. The cheering actually worked for Bruce did finish the cake. What a huge appetite.

    5. She's got style

    Matilda found a sense of style when she was very little, which was wearing a bow. Oh that cute little bow really suited her! She also wore very cute flowery dresses usually with a cardigan. I realized that Matilda's style was a bit similar to Ms. Honey's. I guess they really were destined to be a family.

    6. She has super powers!

    This is the most important reason above all, every fictional hero should have super powers! Though in the movie she didn't actually call her unusual talent "super powers" I'm saying that she should. Because they are quite super. Matilda can move stuff just by looking at it, now who in the world wouldn't want to be able to do that? Since Matilda is a very good girl she uses her powers for good. She may have used them to punish mean people but she does it because they really do deserve it and she also never goes too far with it.

    So there you go! My childhood hero, who I think is now yours too.

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