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    Thursday, February 18, 2010


    I dream to be a zoologist. You may think that it's a little odd. Well I don't think it's odd, but I know that it's just different. Different from anyone I know. And that too is a reason why i dream to become a zoologist, I just want to be different for once.

    Maybe if you see me you wouldn't think that I'm much of an animal lover. It's because I don't get to interact with them much. But I do find them very amusing. I want to study them, I want to get to know them, befriend them. And I really don't want to live in the city when I grow up. I just want to get close with nature.

    But for now all I can do is watch animal planet. Somehow watching Animal Planet always makes me feel good and makes me want to escape and go in to the wild.

    Well I really do hope I can be a zoologist and have my own show on animal planet.


    Ptolemy said...

    hello my name is Reo i read your post about wanting to be a zoologist and i just wanted you to know that your not alone i want to be a zoologist also well specifically a Herpetologist (study of amphibians and reptiles) mostly because of my love for turtles.I love animal planet to but i mainly obtain most of my information on animals through the encyclopedias and field guides i buy i am in middle school by the way 13 years old i am the only kid i know that wants to be a zoologist but i guess not anymore! :) i have always wanted to travel around the world and study animals in their natural habitat especially on the Galapagos island where the Galapagos Giant Tortoise lives and the Marine Iguana.i want to be different from everyone also i mean ill ask kids what they want to be when they grow up and theyll be like a pediatrician or a pro baseball/basketball player BORING! anyways email me if you want to talk

    好喜歡的感覺 said...

    It's great!!.............................................